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5Aug 6th 1925The plan of this book is roughly that it shall consist of three parts:one, Mrs. Ramsay (?) sitting at the window: while Mr. R walks up &down in the dusk: the idea being that there shall be curves ofconversation or reflection or description or in fact anything, modulatedby his appearance & disappearance at the window: gradually itshall grow later; the child shallgo to bed;the engaged couple shallappear: But this is all to befilled up as richly and variously aspossible. My aim beingshall be less emphatic & intensethan that in Mrs. D: an everydaysentence for carrying on the narrative easily.The theme of the1stpart shall really contributeto Mrs. R's character; at leastMrs. R's character shall bedisplayed, but finally with inconjunction with his, sothat one gets an impressionof theirrelationshipTo precipitate feeling, there should be a sense of waiting, of expectation:thechildwaiting to go to the Lighthouse: the woman awaiting the the return of thecouple.The passing of time. I am not sure how this is to be given: aninteresting experiment, showi giving the sense of 10 years passing.This is the voyage to the Lighthouse.Several characters can be brought in: the young atheist, the oldgentleman: the lovers: Episodes can be written on woman'sbeauty; on truth:butthese should be greater & less knobblythenthose in Mrs. D: making a more harmonious whole,There need be no specification of date.Whether this will be long or short, I do not know. The dominatingimpressionis to be of Mrs. R's find a unit wh for the sentence which(2)(3)