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257297vividness of ones ownShe stopped - She recognised that the current of feeling was being turned& fertilisingflowing in her veins again after its lapse - her the solution of herherproblem[The extreme vividness, she murmured, &might at any moment occur, if she kept on steadily working at thesteadilymightsolveitselfbackground.She dipped her brush in green paint the ?backgroundThe vividness of her own sensations, standing there lookingat thewall, the window, the sky, was enough:but then, she reflected, one knewvery little about other peoples sensations.The fatal barrierThere were barriersbetween herself & Charles Tansly was this: fatal barrier:thathe hated pictures,never looked at a thing.SheShe never was no good at wastoo much perhapsIt becameimpossible,standingin this glare, toresumeRace, religion, co rank,anywhatever other obstacle wassoluble; but how could one grope about in the mind of a personneitheror h anywho saw nothing;had no inkling of the that there existsof the whole structure which rises on top of a sight like that - (thewall & the window & the sky) or has any guesses what itimplies what it asserts. Her love of painting hadwith its commands, its prohibitions, its assertions, itsgrip of the mind?The antagonism was eternal - this they threatened her world.So heFrom that sprang his "Women&cant paint",her derision of the pushing shoving self-assertiveness of themale.Passing & they squabbled whenever they met. -presumably theyhadeach a liking for the other, & somedesire for the others good opinion.And she did