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(type page 202)Uniform Edition pp 255-3223197theLighthouse.[?]Monks HouseStrange & faint & far away it looked. Ye Yet there, somewhere, wastheir house. &the garden with all those paths &lawns, & theirso intense, so acutewere allleft thereRodmell.4th Augustseemed as if they had also left theirthoughts & feelingsthere;&hereThey1926.but now they were cut off, & existed.They were cut off.Forshenow herebecamewere ended.They were small & infinitely remote.Anddiminished,cut off& left behindshe was, in this boat,with her father & James & the Macalisters &James.

The compact between them held;the chuckling, therushing:herelife formeditself roundin the littlecircle.For this was now real: the boat; the sea; her father, & the Macalisters& James.Only, again, what was this new experience - wasstrange, this was new: this was extremely exciting.And in this lay the light of something so new that it is strange; &unreal; & infinitely exciting; she looked at James.& tyranny with

Their compact held; to resist coercion to the death.Buthe was changed. Steering, with his eyes fixed on the sail,frowning slightly, he looked as if he too were had beenwere now, & isolated, & lifted cut off from the things theyboth knew; so that they were no longer the'children',butwho had overslept & been scolded:no longersomethinghad come between them & separated them & made themstrange to each other.She would drag her fingers throughthe waves.

But I beneath a rougher sea" said Mr. Ramsay -& whelmed inHisfor though having looked at the shore& located with his keen longsighted eyes the position of thehouse, he was made to feel, felt again come over hima sense of some thing wrong, some harm, some perfidyoffered him which threw him for redress upon thesympathy of the world.If the whole world had occupied itselfsolely in weeping his sorrow? that tribute would not have beentoo great. He neededThe whole world should have been composed