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205139in ?littlehumanforordinaryorthingswhateverhappened.something very suddenly, unexpectedly (as when she praised his boots,)a zest for ma most surprising recovery of sense & interest & humanity; whichpassed (for he never concealed a feeling) & felt with into that finalphase of which she had not noticed in his face before - whichhe so much moved her, interested her, & indeed made hersuextre irritated with herself for having stoo missed herchance of saying anything: that quiet reasonable stagemood, that mood which without being exalted, was was notexalted or remote or austere any longer but expressedthe serenity of a mind that has ceased to worry orwhich has shed its worries & its vanities, & perhaps lost itsambitions, but is yet drawn on, as she had seen himdrawn on, at the head of that little procession to the beach,steadily out of one's range. An extraordinary face it was to watch -Here the gate banged. They were gone.4extremelyrelieved.

She felt an extraordinary relThe gate, which was never oiled,seemed to cut her short; to prove that, for better or worse, she hadlost her chance.