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173But this had to be to advanced with her eyes turned away. Directlyshe looked up &Now, take" Mrs. Ramsay -Mrs. Ramsay, Ah said Mr. BankesBut of course he was not going to discuss her.downhe?walking [?]But this had to be advanced with her eyes turned away.sheinvolved init all again,Directly she looked up & saw them, became involved inthem a part of their lives, received a station & had a partallotted to her, & then of courseshe could no more tracethese diagrams than because of Mr. Ramsay & Mrs.Ramsays became his characters became inundated withfeelings which she could not confine at all in the marks shehad made. Then, far from be something else she was atcould notretrace,once aware how of a million million things; whichthey boththat man walking, that woman sitting were; how ofthey were house & trees & t sky & garden; yes, && had her,in part allottedto her, &part of herself too;It was odd indeed thathow one felt that was the delight of staying with them -that they did how that every now & then - when oneone wassnapped upsat down to dinner, fifteen life life broke like a wave on arock. Then, it was not & one could not be surewhether one was what one was, what any one was -retreat from it, or keep ones head or sayone wassnatchedpoint out faults. Some anymore.Grasped them uptook one up, ?bent one out, & flung one in down,splash, in one wave.It was like a wave of the seaIt was

In all this,Mrs. Ramsay was the prime forcethat was the prime force in all this; no doubt.

Now Mrs. Ramsay - Lily Briscoe waswithin