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Strife, division, difference of opinion, impossible barriers, prejudicesrooted in the very [?] twisted into the very fibre of being, barriersthat for all accident might do to disregard them, bringing the same table for an entire weekCharles Tansley into collision with the Ramsays, would assertthemselves indomitably, & so work, contrive that he was cut byR William Ramsay six years later, to save trouble on both sides -thisthere were there they were, in these this vague pre-natal state,suspectedglancedatin these discomforts, in these antagonisms, in which could only behints, in their first stage of like the shadows phantoms ofof trees which w dawn has are so transparent in thedawnearly morning that it seems possible to walkthrough them; only the rising sun reveals their hardness -already Rose could not get on with Charles; he wasthroughout the householdknown generally with a certain degree of contempt as "theatheist".

Strife, division, difference of opinion, disagreements as tolike this about books - should they have a message? -topeople[?]   were they not instruments teach? - or aboutthe things so intangible that it seemed poor-spirited tohis veryprecarious seaton the back oflife,& his constantthough perhapsunconsciousprotest thathe lackednothing of thesort;notice them - his colours flowers, how the rooms looked, & thechange amusing effect of a bust of Venus stood against thehedge- none of which he his complete indifference to ev allbeauty & sensuality, in short; might were they between peoplesuch differencesafter all negligible? Could you dismiss them, in comparisonwith the Indian Mutiny or the sinking Crime Charge of theLight Brigade, or the Industrial Revolution, as of no accountwhen in fact such differences preceded those catastrophes, &brought the world to ?su the miserable condition in which it

For they, jumpin stealing disappearing as stealthily asstags, from vanishing in a forest, all those from thedining room table the eight sons & daughters of to weatherwas to day?