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8March 14thDalloway to a new book. What I expect tohappen is that half some two figureswill detach themselves from the party& go off independently into anothervolume; but I have no notion of thisat present.The book of stories oughtto be complete in itself.It musthave some unity, though I want topublish each character separately.One of the charactersis to beapair of candlesticks, or a vase offlowers. another the picture.another a long conversation.These could be donethissummer.5The girlwho had written an essay onthe character of Bolingbroketalkingto the young manwhodestroys afly as he speaks.The Pastfounded on images ancestor worship,what it amounts to, & means.Some middle aged womanof distinguished parents; herfeelings for her father & mother -[ancient?]