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T0 THE LIGHTHoUsEthe vapour of something that had burnt itselfaway. What do you want? they both wanted toask. They both wanted to say, Ask us anythingand we will give it you. But he did not ask themanything. He sat and looked at the island and hemight be thinking, We perished, each alone, orhe might be thinking, I have reached it. I havefound it, but he said nothing.Then he put on his hat.

‘ Bring those parcels," he said, nodding hishead at the things Nancy had done up for themto take to the Lighthouse. " The parcels forthe Lighthouse men," he said. He rose andstood in the bow of the boat, very straightand tall, for all the world, James thought, asif he were saying, “ There is no God," andCam thought, as if he were leaping into space,and they both rose to follow him as he sprang,lightly like a young man, holding his parcel,on to the rock.

“ He must have reached it," said Lily Briscoealoud, feeling suddenly completely tired out. Forthe Lighthouse had become almost invisible, hadmelted away into a blue haze, and the effort oflooking at it and the effort of thinking of him318