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THE WINDOWment of discovery was not to be routed utterly, butwas determined to hold fast to something of this deli-cious emotion, this impure rhapsody of which he wasashamed, but in which he revelled — he turned abrupt-ly, slammed his private door on them; and Lily Bris-coe and Mr. Bankes, looking uneasily up into the sky,observed that the flock of starlings which Jasper hadrouted with his gun had settled on the tops of the elmtrees.5

‘And even if it isn’t fine to-morrow,’ said Mrs. Ram-say, raising her eyes to glance at William Bankes andLily Briscoe as they passed, ‘it will be another day.And now,’ she said, thinking that Lily’s charm washer Chinese eyes, aslant in her white, puckered littleface, but it would take a clever man to see it, ‘and nowstand up, and let me measure your leg,’ for they mightgo to the Lighthouse after all, and she must see if thestocking did not need to be an inch or two longer inthe leg.

Smiling, for an admirable idea had flashed upon herthis very second — William and Lily should marry —she took the heather mixture stocking, with its criss-cross of steel needles at the mouth of it, and measuredit against James’s leg.

‘My dear, stand still,’ she said, for in his jealousy,not liking to serve as measuring-block for the Light-house keeper’s little boy, James fidgeted purposely;and if he did that, how could she see, was it too long,was it too short? she asked.

She looked up — what demon possessed him, her3 - L.33