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THE LIGHTHoUsEso. Still she would hold off, and now she wouldassert for a brief season some of those prides andairs the due of her beauty which she was generallyutterly without; would turn her head; would lookso, over her shoulder, always with some Minta,Paul, or William Bankes at her side. At length,standing outside the group the very figure of afamished wolfhound (Lily got up off the grass andstood looking at the steps, at the window, whereshe had seen him), he would say her name, onceonly, for all the world like a wolf barking in thesnow, but still she held back; and he would sayit once more, and this time something in the tonewould rouse her, and she would go to him, leavingthem all of a sudden, and they would walk offtogether among the pear trees, the cabbages,and the raspberry beds. They would have it outtogether. But with what attitudes and with whatwords? Such a dignity was theirs in this relationship that, turning away, she and Paul and Mintawould hide their curiosity and their discomfort,and begin picking flowers, throwing balls, chattering, until it was time for dinner, and therethey were, he at one end of the table, she at theother, as usual.‘ Why don’t some of you take up botany?With all those legs and arms why doesn’t one ofyou . . .? " So they would talk as usual, laugh307