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TIME PASSESdifficult these days; they had never come all theseyears; just sent her money; but never wrote, nevercame, and expected to find things as they had leftthem, ah dear! Why the dressing—table drawerswere full of things (she pulled them open), handkerchiefs, bits of ribbon. Yes, she could see Mrs.Ramsay as she came up the drive with the washing.‘ Good-evening, Mrs. l\/IcNab," she would say.

She had a pleasant way with her. The girlsall liked her. But dear, many things had changedsince then (she shut the drawer); many familieshad lost their dearest. So she was dead; andMr. Andrew killed; and Miss Prue dead too,they said, with her first baby; but every one hadlost some one these years. Prices had gone upshamefully, and didn’t come down again neither.She could well remember her in her grey cloak.‘ Good—evening, Mrs. McNab," she said, andtold cook to keep a plate of milk soup for herquite thought she wanted it, carrying that heavybasket all the way up from town. She could seeCr now, stooping over her flowers; (and faint andflickering, like a yellow beam or the circle at theHd of a telescope, a lady in a grey cloak, stoopingver her flowers, went wandering over the bed00m wall, up the dressing-table, across the washand, as l\/Irs. l\/IcNab hobbled and ambled,dusting, straightening).2 1 1