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THE LIGHTHOUSEfather was thinking that, for he stopped her throw-ing a sandwich into the sea and told her, as if hewere thinking of the fishermen and how they lived,that if she did not want it she should put it backin the parcel. She should not waste it. He said it sowisely, as if he knew so well all the things that hap-pened in the world that she put it back at once, andthen he gave her, from his own parcel, a gingerbreadnut, as if he were a great Spanish gentleman, shethought, handing a flower to a lady at a window(so courteous his manner was). He was shabby, andsimple, eating bread and cheese; and yet he wasleading them on a great expedition where, for allshe knew, they would be drowned.

"That was where she sunk," said Macalister'sboy suddenly.

Three men were drowned where we are now, theold man said. He had seen them clinging to the masthimself. And Mr. Ramsay taking a look at the spotwas about, James and Cam were afraid, to burstout:But I beneath a rougher sea,and if he did, they could not bear it; they wouldshriek aloud; they could not endure another ex-plosion of the passion that boiled in him; but totheir surprise all he said was "Ah" as if he thought305