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THE WINDOWwas the person who had made him do it. She hadmade him think he could do anything. Nobodyelse took him seriously. But she made him believethat he could do whatever he wanted. He had felther eyes on him all day today, following him about(though she never said a word) as if she were say-ing, "Yes, you can do it. I believe in you. I expectit of you." She had made him feel all that, anddirectly they got back (he looked for the lights ofthe house above the bay) he would go to her andsay, "I've done it, Mrs. Ramsay; thanks to you."And so turning into the lane that led to the househe could see lights moving about in the upperwindows. They must be awfully late then. Peoplewere getting ready for dinner. The house was alllit up, and the lights after the darkness made hiseyes feel full, and he said to himself, childishly, ashe walked up the drive, Lights, lights, lights, andrepeated in a dazed way, Lights, lights, lights, asthey came into the house staring about him with hisface quite stiff. But, good heavens, he said to him-self, putting his hand to his tie, I must not make afool of myself.)XV

"Yes," said Prue, in her considering way,answering her mother's question, "I think Nancydid go with them."119