293255once he has succeeded (& the condition is indispensable for all writers)inexistat a distance:that human beings should be there, but should not come close; thatover everything that everything should be vanish expand & vanishHis sight was difficult & strange.ato dwindle&that landscapes should spread & vanish away in billowing wavesof soft vastness: that facts should have the same power to recede into the dimsoftness & elasticity.Nothing must press; noting must hurry.He requires a subject that allows him to soliloquise and loiter;here to pick up some trifle & exploit its bestow upon it all thepowers of an extremely subtle & penetrating mind, now to allow brush overwholethe prop prospect to taper off in mist & ambiguitycirculate &sweep hisbrushoverthewholeof all subjects Autobiography The st The story of his own life, theexpo was his own most congenial subject, for there &if the Opium Eater is his masterpiece, the Autobiographic sketcheswhich survey a large stretch of his experience, run it very close,For here, he ]It is natural thatall this makes it naturalthat he should be at his best in reminiscences; & shouldfind the his most congenial subject in the story of his own life.40904032.3
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