85Draft of "Robinson Crusoe"the fullvalueof factsThe result is that we believe implicitly, & do seek from belief allto &to imbibe without any shadow of doubt. w AllOur firstthereforewsense of the f the ple importance of facts is miraculouslyallthe delightrenewed, so that we are like children, taking literallythe all the with a renewed sense of boats, baking, building;& thenbuilding baking hunting cooking; Then theall thesavour& the[?]in the atmosphere so vivid && then the astonishment of incidents - like thewild cat or the goat or the foot prints, seems toexpand to its full; & the story moves on not towith all a king of regular unexaggerated normal step, marchbutnot to catastrophe, but inevitably to prosperity, butgathering as it goes, from its perfect seriousness,takingatrue certaingrandeur.Writers who live at the same moment yet use[?]Any vagueness about God for example, any introspectioninto the soulinto the soulany aeth a feeling for the beauty of naturewould haveweakened the massive effect of what fact.tunnelled.And again we ask ourselves, what is reality?do we mean when we talk about
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