341He would have liked to live in a cottage & eat bread & cheese; &Andstand about in theharbour &spit:they liked him;And he would lie awake at night thinking of the boats, ifthere were a storm. He was wouldmope about, if it were a bad yearfor the fishingboats.And Cam thought that this was what shemeant about liking the old men in the study with the old men whoto besmoked & read the Times & said very ?briefly something aboutNapoleon.Onlywhen now he was it was not quite the same asthat now.She felt now, yea about her father, that he wasamusing them ?on as if he were knew perfectly well what he was doing; hethe oldwizard(he kneweverything)had putoff hismagic; hewaswas feeling,that he had known everything; & that he had come tobackthink that back to some after all thattoiling & moiling,with his book & hisbeing a great man, & minding not being a great man, tohad thrown it off him; & was now telling stories round a camp fire.themNo, no, she checked herself. He was sayingbeing very polite. He hadsuchbeautiful manners; she thought; when he talked like this.And, she thought, dabbing her finger throwing the hard crust over board,surreptitiously, so that he would not see her. wasting good food,he is this is one must not do anything to distract him.She did not want himto be interrupted. What he was saying was soextraordinarily important - And again, what sheso important, ifyou were thinking about the Elizabethan, or the stars; soconsolatory suitable? What did she mean? She wanted
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