268321was wildly excited. She had caught b felt a bite. She drew the linepulled the line in. There it was a gr silver green flash in the water. Shehauled a mackerel on board.She looked beside herself with excitement.fixed thejaw open&And then, because his fatherMacalisters boy pulled the jerked thehook out & her father saw it & shut his eyes in a spasm ofhorror, Cam altogether shut up; & She would not bait the hook again.But it was never the thing itself, but what she felt it, & whatthat she [?] whysome one else thought about her feeling it - all this was whatCam thought about:never & so did his father too.They werefundamentally insincere;One or two people speak the truth,hethought.Rose did. Prue did. Andrew did his mother did.But afatal streak had got into the family.They were]But was the devil still there? His father had been reading for ever solong.Now he had shut his book; but he was thinking about it.Hishalf shut. He seemed to fill his mind as full as it would hold; &then he seemed to spread it out before him. He wasHe was a great thinker At any rate,But his father was already immensely old. He was shrunken.It was all over for him, &He would have to
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