She had her doubts. She thought that he was sorry, if not precisely forthem, then for - everything; the poor, the working people. He would had away of shuffling money into beggars hands, half shutting his eyes as he did it;& then she felt, as if it were useless; as if nothing could be done; or not likethat. Still -And then he would be more than usually irritable, but nothe knewthat.with on his own account; on account of the whole world, everything,their accountor on hisaccountAnd then, Often she felt him withdrawnFor instance,didnt theyonce feed adog on acake?That annoyedhimBut he had no feeling for was never saw what anyone was feeling.That could not be denied. Yet That was mostly true.But then he was infinitely old. h He wa It was inconceivable how old he was;how much he had left behind which they knew nothing of.of course James always revered a peculiar quality in his father - what henever derided or criticised: the thing they had in common.
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