191113And what relation is that — "seeing people"?The hideous callousness, theentire temporariness, ?oh & the ramshackle jerrybuilt housesrun up, here & there, called friendships, called loves —Mr. Ramsay: Yes: she thought of him: As vain as ever, as touchy, asegotistical; absorbed in himself; this man nevertheless, hadwhat we are told (she was holding a dialogue between herself && the pepper pot which shea china pepper pot ) [?] which was 'we', the great voice of publicopinion) what the pepper pot, (which seemed to remember too,ten years ago) tells us is the we are told is the greatest ofcalamities — his wife's death, his sons; "killed in battle" & allthe rest of it; & his daughter, with Then Prue died, with her firstbaby. Still — Mr. Ramsay — well, she did not see whatdifference it had made to Mr. Ramsay. If one must be honest,he seemed to her only crosser, more exacting.human
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