16355& wished to survive, surelywithshe survived & wished to survive Yet from the flash of her sidelongglance, its queerness, & why she seems & her lurch & her smileAnd then, the meaningless strain, hummed its elegy too:gave expressed some without saying using any word gave off sosuch a volume of plaintiveness that sound of plaintiveness,such a cry cried out how Ins[?] deeply the witless old womanverynowa veryplacewas weary of it all; how it wasnot good,not happy, not a place tolie & loll in - this world that she had known for seventy years;how & then again - unable to face the with her sidelong leerwhich could not must slip & turn aside, even as shesloo stopped dusting & gaped at her own old head in the glassitshe seemed to shake thesorrows of her world off hersh as if askinwell There was after all, something or other;& yet & then resumed her work, dusting, singing &until allA vertical line running upward from 'all' through 'then' on the previous line suggests the cancellation of everything from '& & then' through 'all' leaving 'as if to start again'. [Shillingsburg, P.] to start again, her old amble & hobbledusting, singing
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