15641army to bring news of the enemies dispositions, &[?]It looks like a stray mark and could be, but the '&' makes sense and she makes them in many ways. [Shillingsburg, P.] where to attackthey gathered in the middle of the house, & gave together oneof those aimless gusts of lamentation which to which so somea swing door near the kitchen replied, opening, admittingnothing & shutting again. Then they seemed for the moment [?]fluid - sliced - still [Shillingsburg, P.]routed. Then, as if to take up the burden of the nights complaint, toreenforce the failing powers of darkness & destruction, con thesea waves fell beat upon the shore. The sullen thunder alonefilled the house.The nightAll the world then seemedturned to water, the i shores flowing away into the water, theislands to be little islands in the sea; & the sea beaton on theseThe vertical line from 'water' to 'these' appears to delete all three lines of text. [Shillingsburg, P.] shrink to islands upon whose shores the wavesbroke, onto whose earth crumbled into the sea.fastARuining, & devouring, round the such crags of earthas were still left the waters the dark watersflung themselves, upon t & pranced, & pawed, & withdrew, tofling & prance & paw. Almost One could hear the worldearth washed away at midnight & the water runningThis done, having now recovered their strength, once theold stealhy'stealthy' [Shillingsburg, P.] patrol of the house was resumed. here by thelight airs, by the phantom lights.
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