5But he was growing very fat.his

Like all daughters,Prue & Nancy knew what was passing intheir father'stheir father's mind Mr. Ramsay's mind: felt his irritation; knewthe cause of it, butwith this difference between them - Prue wasthe ?greateighteen, & therefore already admitted a member of that greatcorporation, grown up people; so that she desired harmony above allharmonythings, Nancy was sixteen; & therefore still detachedoutside of all groups & societies; lit [?] detached & aloof, sothat if she so that she desired of all things freedom. & couldnot restrain herself, seeing her father scowl, seeing Mr.Carmichael tuck his napkin in & spoon up soup, afresh,from such a spasm of delight of merriment, of criticism (forwhy were old people so absurd?) as shook her, & wouldshake all the children, Mrs. Ramsay knew. They They wouldall burst out laughing she. [?] So why not light the candles?

Fetch Light the candles, she said promptly, addingat theof amazementat the astonishingantics of the ?wooldhow dark it was getting; & Nancy, Roger jumping upsimultaneously exploded by the side board, & then, to make up,lit the candles with the greatest assiduity; showing themselvesmost eager, most indefatigable in this matter; so thatthe eight white candles were soon lit, & their shadesstood uprightadjusted, & after the first stoop of the flames, they burnt upagain & seemed to draw with them up into visibilitythe whole of the long table, & in particular Rosthedish of fruit in the centre. the pinks the yellows theWhatblues of the fruit in the centre.How she had arranged itMrs. Ramsay.had she done with it, Mrs. Ramsay wondered,inspecting the Rose's arrangement; of grapes & pears; - howhornythey were built up about a pinklippedshell, so as tohave the effect of some trophy fetched from the bottom of the sea &Fruits of the sea, Neptune's banquet, thenot so much of actualremindedherthings, but of fruits of the sea,of Neptune's banquet, of the
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