311Mr. Ramsay seemed to say, clasping his hands together, what anguishthis restraint caused him; only his wife only his wife wouldgive him credit for it.But if you clap the breaks onto a wheelthat is going full tilt - that ?was his sensation: for therapidity of his mind, & the acuteness of his sensations,over trifles,there then sparks fly; & the whole of his bodywas a shower of sparks; beautifully perfectly, controlled, heconsidered, looking at his wife to verify this statement,He had not abused poor oldPoor old Carmichael mighthave his soup,He remembered her story aboutCarmichael begging eighteenpence to buy tobacco.Hehis soup forwd.could not grudge him anything.And sighing profoundly Mr.sharplyRamsay enforcedhis wifes demands that somebodyshouldrun up & pullAndrew out of his bath; speaking venting uponhis sons his tartness, his irritation, while consumingsoupplacidly, Mr. Carmichael sat in there, unmoved,benignant, to all appearances indifferent to this hubbub,to that hubbub, wrapped in content.

It might be true that he had asked his wife foreighteen pence. She was certainly a most disagreeable lady.paida visitIt might be true that kind Mrs. Ramsay had visited themButbeen up tosee them.that sort of thing did not trouble him. These sort of things madelittle impression on him. He In the vast & it must beadmitted bewildering hailstorm, among those variouslyflying splinters of matter, things to do, thing not to do,appointments to keep, deciding this, deciding that, he hadkeeping appointments - & very justly one cannotbeing uptotimeexpect the government of Indiato provide a man withcompetence who is unable to turnup at the required hourat the required place,for the government of India isa mighty cog wheel & the in at ability of onecog to grip another cog impairs the efficiency
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