307leadersincere man may arise: the man of genius, the great man. Moreover,Probably he will beexcessively disagreeable to us old fogies, thoughtMr. Bankes. Unkempt, ill-mannered all of that. AndBut after he had listened to Tansley talking, again the unrealityBut - here Mr. Bankes came to the usuall conclusion; Mr.what he did not knownotTansley could tell him nothingthat he did not know already.He w abused the Government. Perfectly justly no doubt. ButMr. Bankes himself could abuse the government. In all theIt is not abuse that is wanted, Mr. Bankes felt; thinking of hisplants, & their nervous systems & respiratory organs:In sciences,there is creation; in art, creation; but in thisart, some say thehighest, there is nothing but abuse,nothing but ?some high flownwords, that mean nothing: intrigue;(he will do well in Parliamentvery likely, he thought) & when we ordinary people, who arequite ready to do what we can to help, come & say tell us,tell us what to do, make us believe you;we get a handful of sandthrown in our eyes.Yet one must be scrupulously careful,For Mr.Tansley wasdescribing his ?ownsuccess on atour.Mr. Bankes corrected himself; for It is undoubtedly to ournotinterest to that no reformer should arise.things should remain asthey are.

Such thoughts were could lead only in one direction: thedecay of religious belief.And if at Mr. Ramsay's tableone began thinking of thedecay of religious belief, one looked,naturally, at Mr. Ramsay.

It is "They are so much worse off" Mrs. Ramsay?no began, but so much under the influence of Mr.Tansley's style that instead of thinking of Betty McNab& Ellie Kennedy she thought of 'them', the poor,who were w 'happy' or miserable, in blocks;but she could not stand there were thing she couldnot stand.Certain hypocrisies, as they left her lips, stung her.Here at last were was the
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