297whenshe had a social manner sometimes, she was a little distracted.as, in when there is a strife of tongues at some meeting, the chairman,in order to unify the obtain unity, drops into French.suggests that everyone shall speak French. Perhaps it is bad French;French may not contain the words necessary for the speaker'sthoughts; nevertheless, but speaking French neverthelessimposes some order, some uniformity.Replying to her inthe same language, Mr. Bankes said that"Not at all. Not at all"whoMr. Tansley had nounderstanding of this language, evenfrom wh theyAndread, as life goes,on,to theirfriendsevenspoken thus, we in one words of one syllable.He thought thatHe wasadded in that book which young people carrywith them on visits outside their own homes,"It is An intolerablevisitperhapsThey never say what they think..." But & so it wouldwho had provedhimself honest,incorruptible &so on.shape itself for him, in years to come;a dinner party where[?]people talked in such a fantastic lingothat he had nonotion what they were driving at; &so had determined withgo intothatsocietyagain,that he him to that suchsociety was not for him,& sohad made him resolve -. but a present, being actuallyat the Ramsays table, the scene had not shaped itself; & hewas curio desired more than anything to assert himself.had not determined anything, &all he wished was, that hecould somehow impress himselfBut on the others.If anybody could give him the chance,there werelots of things he could say.he could tell them all aboutthe fishing industry in theNorth of Scotland. if they asked him.& waiting; wasreflectingMiss Briscoe was being maliciousCould she noton the otherside of thetable wassurveying him:see, even as a n in a scientific photograph, the ribbs &thigh bones of Mr. Tansleys vanity: lying dark in themist of his flesh: the thin mist which conventionlaid over his immense desire to assert himself.But she thought, why should Ihelp hbe nice to him?He wishes to assertButAnd it seemed to her that perhaps this washer duty: to help men to expose & so relieve their
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