253something extraordinary appeared, wonderful ?marlins/?martins appeared - she shoutedfor Andrew. He told her to mark the place: he would come over inhalf a jiffy.But they slid into crevices: ?scaled/?sealed ?marlins/?martinsall fresh & glowing with their extravagant eccentricity &charm, something fantastic & high stepping - theyshranksilentlyretreated, in aNancy marking the crevice where he had disappeared,watched from her rock that slightly irregular line of thetheir highsteppinglegs, theirfringes, theirgauntlets,their [?]?beinghorizon: the waving the stems whichthatwere the smoke of steamers; & sowas overcome with the power of the waves, & their sullenness &their indifference.As they she thought, nobody had ever beenbeen breaking round her. As she thought, this would go on;go on for ever & ever; the waves breaking, & swirling into thebooming in the caves.Filled with scorn, & thesweeping savagely up & then inevitably withdrawing.As she thought, this would go on, go on for ever & ever. What

Andrew shouted to her to get back to the beach, asthe sea was coming in.So she took off her shoes &stockings; took off the shoes & stockings of this negligible &phantomevanescentspirit; &as she rolled the stockings & putthem in theshoes, she felt thesea inher heart; the content ofin her veins&in her mindthe sea; & itsthe power of the sea; &the nothingness of life; & her ownpower to ride the bestride the universe;of the terror of life; & thehorror of life; & the life; & so stepped through the water on the tothe shingle; & there - there they we behind the rock kissing behindPaul Rayley & Minta Doyle were kissing.And Andrewfishshould, had she marked her rock& they went outagain to look for the fringed gauntletted, high stepping fish:He had seen it too:& seen enough.They sharedthe horrorin silenceIt must have been some sort of crayfish he said.He had?ButtoosomeHe had seen ittoo - people kissing - & so, lettingafter as the fish would not come out, & they both feltawkward, & silent, & the waves seemed to Nancy sullener than ever,more tremendous. Andshe had against the waves she had thepitted the ferocity of man;the lust & the warmth;the ravening & the cruelty: nothingbeautiful remained of it of it.
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