171& to concentrate upon the idea of Mr. Ramsay in absence, before shecould put to herself, not to Mr. Bankes, her theory thathe asked too much of his wife (but that was largely her own fault) &for her own part there was something a side of things - ?typifiedshe looked at the jacmanna, the wall, the starlings - &that was something spontaneous, [?] ?very immediate [?]which these teachers, of whom of course she was unworthy tospeak, these great men who saw, kitchen tables in pear trees &lectured, worked & exhibited - of that there could be no doubt inMr. Ramsays case, the most perfect [?austerity/?authority] in private life -there was a side of things which they neglected. Nowtake Mr. Ramsay -

Ah, said Mr. Bankes,
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