119had in youth actually seen something so stern, forinstance a skeleton on a white horse which hadhad given fixity to her softness, severity to hercharm, & thus made her impatient when peopletrifled with the truth of things or exploited the thinmiseries of frivolity & heartlessnessover the, & threw veilsplausibility & optimism over whatwas sheer as adepths [?]cliff & black as thesea beneath it, |||people argued. no one knew. They said one thing; theysaid another thing. And Certainly, one fact was teasing;rather tantalised tickling: how the background - forinstance the easel, draped in a shawl had alwaysof theaone element, if not more, that was cheap, ridiculous,nowincongruous. or it (So she sat. Or she took off anail in the hall an old deerstalkers cap, clapped iton her head; or So that to make up the & went20 Forum20 Todd20 Eliot15 Nation8 Lecture83foraging for slugs; grasped a cloak man's umbrella;whichput galoshes on her ?narrow feet;) making it alwaysnecessary to recompose her, should one look at heraesthetically; or endow her, if it was as a characterendowone considered her, withthe some latent desire todig her nails into claydoff her royalty ofform, & be as other people; as if herHer beauty gave her no pleasure. beauty &all that could be said & must continue to be saidabout her beauty bored her. So now she knitted areddish brown stocking against the cheap easel & thebrown Michael Angelo.tame thiscrudityfuse it, intorest
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