107Jan. 21stI I I
"Even if it isn't fine tomorrow, it will be another day", said Mrs.Ramsay; raising her eyes to glance at William Bankes, &AndLily Briscoe, thinking "another day".And Stand up she saiin her little sallowtold the little boy, said, thinking how Chinese Lilies eyeswere,     face,& that was not everbodies taste "I want to measure yourstand upyourlegsa sort ofpiquancyshe had -not beautygothese this stocking" For if they didafter all go to thelighthouse tomorrow she must finish the W little WillSorleys stocking - he was about Jam the same height asWell it mightJames -And they might marryhappen" she thought, watchingthe backs of Lily & William Bankes walk ?on together - &her face eyes filled with that sudden direct amusementoutcomewhich seemed to be the natural out expression of someher?forwiser capacity. for some genius of action. Ideas struck her -why shouldn't those two marry? - an admirable plan -&, knowing her own her singleness, her simplicity madelaughher smile ?Thus, And smiling she took the heather mixturestocking with the crisscross of steel knitting needles atthe mouth of it & measured it against James's leg"My dear, stand still she said. not But, not liking to betreated as a measuring block for the lighthouse keeper'swhether it was too short still?little boy, James fidgeted.And how could she see
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