77Guarded by red hot pokers which burst their clear red coal against theblue, through which they saw the bay.

It brought them back to look at it regularly, mornings & evenings,The moving bay brought them back to it regularly with a tostand & look at it, as if indeed this the water took floated off, &on dry land,set sailing feelings, thoughts, which, as they anchored in them & stagnatedas they sat talking on dry land & reduced them to rigidity. &fixedness on dry land. First, it was the changing colour; theone could watch the pulse of colour, flood the bay intermittently,with bluenowcapriciously; it it was now stained blue: now & all the heartexpanded with it in dep deep & exquisite delight; we as theso as if next momblue spread, & the body seemedswam; basking, only next instant, to be ruffled checked & chilled bythe breeze, which made ruffled the water in to black flakessuddenly a spurt of white spray would spurt up behind the rocks:thin, lovelily & lazily the little waves would slip & fall.?returned
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