Mrs. Ramsay thought it all pure nonsense. She walked fromthe dinner table holding James by the hand, but, since he wanted togo with the others, she let him. It seemed to her pure nonsense,making out differences. Either she was a very simple woman, when,as people very well knew, it was kinder & better, not, &thatpeople as it is, ( here she dwelt upon those that those divisionsrank, intointohigher & lowerof rank & we higher & lower, richer & poorer, which weremuchof was constantly in her mind, & the great in birthreceiving from her a simple, feudal, half romantic respect, whicharose partly from her own descent, fromathe French house ofthe little threadof gold being dipped & sunk,Clareville, & the obscurity which had befallen that race, sothat people ignored her took her simply for an English parson'sdaughter fo - & this was w when her worldliness & her wit &straightfromthecame from France, ran thus those ambitious scheming warm bloodedFrench people & then too, curbing but, far equally she wasthe&ruminated that problem which of poverty, which day by dayfilled her desk with letters & had these disastrous results. She knewof homes where consequences which she knew by & in allwhen she visitedtheir saw, weekly, daily, making her excursions to this widow, thatstruggling wife, in person - long, exhausting excursions with awith which shebag on arm, & a note book & pencil in case believing, thatwrote dowdid one write it all down & reduce the wages & spendings into averages, something & facts about employment &trade, hoping thus to elevate her private charities to therank of an enquiry & to some & thus in the hopesimplewomanthat thus she would cease to be a private unattached individual,woman, & become of use to the throw light upon the& become & whose charity was half a sop to her ownindignation, half a relief to the her own discomfort, &become, what with her untrained mind she greatly admired; anelucidatinginvestigator, throwing light upon a problem.

So this carping & criticising annoyed her. True sheloved it. For there It seemed to her Her daughtersinventingonlydiffer toovastlywereLoireClermontwhom shelovedcouldin separate[?]these
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