21was of Mrs. Ramsay's seven children that was trying to explain what waslacking in Charles Tansley, petered out dismally & fell an easynowprey to whoever wanted to talk about something else.She fell an easy prey, for how could one give find reasonably explainthat when she said she detested him, something almost so remote as toatbe almost ungetable, so irrational as to be ridiculous could oneget at it, came to her mind, or rather presented itself before her in aseries of litt actions - things he did - judgments, or judgments uponwhhe pressed(his shufflings hisgrunts hissubjects of which she knew nothing, like architecture or cookery, whichso offended her that had she been either cook or architect had?she practised any art which fell beneath his notice, therewould have been such deathly chilliness such an antipathy wouldthehave risen between them, nothing for it but fight. SuchIt was strangesouls were damned; cut off, in this indescribable way byHe was cutsomething not much more emphatic than a cough, or amannerism, from all share in natural human life,condemned for ever to remain, like these ab brilli able Jones',brilliant but fundamentally unsound Smiths, college dons,teachers, vociferators, men who could never be admitted toorlittle men, little miseries; & yet it was perfectly true, what Williamsaid, that he got on very well with Mr. Ramsay It Nobody said hewas stupid; it He was no fool. & But why Mrs.Ramsay so w was so annoyed if they laughed at him,Mr. Ramsayjust because he liked talking to him? But what reason was that?
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