250281?But The old man had become rather famous lately. His nameverge His name was appeared in papers girt about with some romancein newspapers.People were beginning to say that Mr. Carmichael who had always beenknown to a few enthusiasts, as oneamong oneof the finest translators of our literatureintime: & so on. He had written also a few essays & some abook of his travels was going to be re-printed.& in viewof thisBut he looked just the same, heavy & slow & benignant.But she wo could believe it -She had liked his leisurelyness; hisindependence; & the his one greatIt was saidthat a book hewrote in the70s abouttraveling inBurmawasa masterpieceHe had that quality;&Sheknew one curious little fact about him:also this: that hewas true"had been heart broken at Andrews death".RamsaysThe phrase had cometo her casually from some one body who knew him.They sin his home. They said ?he thought all the world of him:of AndrewShehad a picture of him marching through Trafalgar Squarethe daythe news Andrew's name was among the killed, grasping a stickwith his old hat pulled over his eyes.But he was almostentirely silent; or only said n out probably never said anything toanyone, but let certainly never had never said a word of the leastimportance to her.YetPeople handed things round, like this, abouthim now. No one had ever heard him say ?them.And Yet this was one of the importantmostfriendships of her life -They had never He They had never spoken to each other, butPerhaps they never would say anything.They would go on eternally passing each other with a sortof mumble on stairs, sitting side by side on lawnsexchanging views about the train service & the boat service& the weather.She had never even read his translation,except a line or two in quotations; & then she hadrecognised the quality she had felt when healwayssomething very impersonal &extremely moving, abouta camel & the desert: somethingit wasapparently very simple. butif she had known anything about writing she would have beensure that this was the thing that lasted for ever.something simple but everlastingly strange.
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