240261beingThat she was somehow suspended, between alive a lump of matterwhichwith extraordinary capacities for feeling everything here & now - so thatdisagreements & quarrels scarcely mattered [?] & with a future which itwas almost dazzling to contemplate.All this rushed upon herwhen she looked up & saw how the island was shaped: how the seawhich theshape of the islandseemed to startflowingwent spreading widely over ?there; & then when this glitteringfountain had spurted up with its insensate joy, she seemedto catch the falling drops & to with re new zest to apply herself toall those unsolv familiar half f solved questions which, ?itshe took up at odd intervals & carried a little further; left tohalf submergedhalf prominentterritoriesin hermindwait on her alone, & then again explored; how the world had comeinto existence; about the ancient civilisations of Egyptians, Greeks & Romans;the Byzantine Empire; the & then whoever it might be -Shakespeare, orthe traffic of camels & tribes marching about theworld; their conglomerations in cities, like Athens, Rome, London:&how during these ages, there stood up in the midst of themthe wildshow one thingfollowedanother;then the great men; & then the future; & then herfather & then instinctively she submitted all the questions?questionswild, rapid amb heterogeneouswhich such thoughts sustirred in her to his judgment. Silently, of course, withoutbeing able sayin asking him about anything; forthat would have been impossible; but she had often listened to himsaying thingsbriefly betweenpuffs ofpipe smoketalking with old men, like Mr. Carmichael or Mr. Bankes, hadcoll made a collection of little odds & ends which they had saidbut her father in particular which seemed to her, not soonly fo in themselves, but from the way they were said,said incontrovertible: It was his handling of things, Wildfragments ofimmortalknowledge& grotesque So she felt order was made to come. He walked amongall the incoherent, the wild & tumultuous ideas that cometo herwith a firm half serious tread, neatly brushing them into heaps here &there, allowing no disorder, & then doing it tidily easilywith complete mastery. A Then, too, he wasWhile he did this, half seriously, often with that curtsarcasm which sometimes made her blood boil but sometimeswith rage,at theirrawness, theirintent to hurt;seemed to laugh at her own strangeness la rightly, lightly, trimly,sagaciously, there was he had always about him some
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