237255Sitting perfectly still in the sun, with the boat rocking, fearing every momentthat his father would look up, he was powerless to flick off these thougthis these grains of misery: settling on his mind one after another.And the sense of coercion would increase: a band seemed to tie to him there,& his father had knotted it, & he could only escape by taking a knife &plunging it - Cam, he thought, At that very moment, the boatshivered, & the sail [?] swung round & filled, & the boat seemedto pulled herself together, & to creak & groan, & to move off offhalf consciously, as if in her sleep,through the water. & then lay on her side & shot offHalf His father, without waking, raised being quite aware of what washappening raised raised his hand, & let it fall on his knee.Instead of Suddenly [?] they all seemed to have lost that be at apulled tight & began todistance again, & the fishing lines layback a slant across the boat.in the wa waves which began slipping quickly past them.whelmed& Cam thought said to herselfwel"in deeper gulfs than thee",as if shefinishingsomethingwere adding up an importunate, sum, pull adding it up, ending it.over to herselfSitting upright, instead of drooping, she said the whole poem as far as sheknew it

We perished each alone,

But I beneath a rougher sea

And whelmed in deeper gulfs than thee.She said to herself; looking at the shore, which faced her, in a sort of amazement& feeling bBehind their island was another island, & sShewas now seeing what she had never seen in her life she wasNow if anybody Nothing could have [?] excited her more.Knowing But it seemed to her infinitely strange.TheHer island which sheidolised did she did not quite know why, privately, - she thoughtabout it in London, again constantly: she resented other peoplestalking about it - she was furious when people talked aboutgoing there casually, - this place which was theirs, orreally hers, had an was like that. It was only that she wasseeing it from a new angle.She was seeing it for the first timeIt lay like that in the sea, did it; & it hadat that momentHer fishing linewentflew out between her fingers.TheIt seemed to
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