230193For somehow the sympathy which had come too late, made her feel thatshe must follow him, & keep in mind; send his image was stamped in ?herstrange man, There he would sit He would be sitting there with hisin the boatstrange light eyes fixed upon nothingness. He would be thinkingNow & again presumably he would think with satisfaction of his boots.Then again of that kitchen table. then of his fame. For still He wasenormously interested in vain. It told against her that she hadnever praised him. It reduced their relationship to somethingneutral; this new without that element of sex which was climade his manner to Minta Doyle, she remembered, so gallant, almostfor hergay.For Minta hHe would pick a flower, or make a joke. & sheborrowed his books; but how could Minta read them? She draggedthem about the garden, putting in leaves to mak mark her place.ButBut it was this attitude he required; & enjoyed & perhaps. for all hisblindly;severity acuteness, he did accepted literally He had soextreme a desire for At anyrate he gave herHe had so extreme adesire for sympathy. He gave her books. He accepted her flounderingblundering helter skelter praise.Lily had always lookedaway from ?there in a kind of shame.How could he be so blind.sovain?

And now he must do without, she supposed. Now he must suffer;for he gave her the impression of having ?schooled himself: hecertain certain notbehave now morefor instance,there was the [?]of CamCam's coat. She recollected of The morning hadsuchprovided her with a thousand impressions.They clung to her,like some pungent flavour. Do what she would to obey thecommand her picture laid on her, she kept thinking,hedid this, he looked like that. And how mechanically &w severely the children came down the path!Have The It was all flared in her face, with adouble effect of reality & unreality due, she supposed, toher return after all these years, so that whatever happenedhaddid notseem a natural process of living, but symbolical of life.It was as if And then, as She thought, too, of things that hadhappened; of Ta Charles Tansley; of Minta, as if their liveswere had suddenly been stamped & struck off, & So one
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