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How profound a problem faced her;;The wall, the hedge, thehouse; could she have made thatCould she have painted thatpicture, she would have done more to helpthe dying woman -no neitherthe eternal dyingwoman, who had not food nor clothing,than, by giving her food & clothing,shelter & sympathy.For how could they A picture thatdid what, in flashes,to beshe saw was possible, whichmade the wall ?go so, thehedge so & the house so,which clothed that & clothedthem in the fitly did was the only helped it that was the expression.But But it was not the expression, she thought, (having appliedherself fiercely to the exacting hedge, for half an hour)Yet a society which makes no provision for the?Them There is something better than helping dying women.Something, heaven be praised, beyond human relationsaltogether; & allthis talk of you & me, & me & you, & ?for one loving another, & onenot loving another, all this little trivial business ofabout which we made so incessant a to doof marrying &giving in marriage,pales beside it is irrelevant beside it.Yet so terrible a doctrine could not be confessed.Tansleyspokento her again.would have shot her. Mrs. Ramsay would never haveunderstood. Inhuman Yet Somehow Pictures are moreitimportant than people - That had a dreadful sound to it.But let us put it like this then: But the way to put itwas more like this - Yet a ?world st, whichthe soul, turns away it must be confessed, she thought,athat the mind turns hasits bias towards other thingsthan art the abstract, & thelines of houses & hedges; &wings its way out of the turmoil here; & hasa sense ofreaching some more [?] acutereality whereit can rest

That reality seemed now all al allround her. Some line had gone happily, or itmight be, the friction of work had heated hermind
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