221175But the dead, thought Lily, encountering some obstacle to herdesign, sothat her thought ran slower, are are entirely at our mercy.ThoughShe ?would ?have ?hated ?her has faded & gone. Nothing is We canoverride her wishes; we can improve away her limited, her oldfashionedideas.She recedes further & further from us.less thanFor though only ten years have passed, each has shoved us a littleAnd she seemed to see her, mockingly there at the end of the corridor of years,mockinglywith her impotent, unable to exact or to assert anymore; the& for a moment, as if she were the Lily Briscoe exulted in her ownescape from Death, in the triumph which she her views, her ideas, herable to stand there, able to paintways of life enjoyed. Why, she could paint. And then,taking her little step away & leaning her head to one side,she considered the problem of the house, more generously shereflected upon the strange fate of death; & how whichin a moment stayed the hand & glazed the eye; & thought howperhaps if Mrs. Ramsay had lived, & she could not forbearpitying Mrs. Ramsay for not knowing how easily & happilyshe the Rayleys managed, - she managed, though they their livesthat far awayfigureof whatlived in the very opposite way that Mrs. Ramsay advised.or admiredwere theWhy, she had never married; & Mrs. Ramsay wishedhad lived, she would have insisted upon marrying Lilymust have married William Bankes.

Already that autumn he was "the kindest of men". He wasPoor William Bankes - I wish he had someone to look after him" -& she was "scientific a scientific head -hadso that they were sentwalks together to find flowers. What was this mania formarriage? Lily wondered, stepping to & from her easel.Why did they in those days believe in sepulchral union -theirbelieved in locking people up in the catacombs &turning the key on them for ever? Relentless, remorseless,Mrs. Ramsay pressed on, giving in marriage, & it seemed toher now. And she remembered how William Bankesif
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