41Mrs. Ramsay knew all that, & hoped that the talk would soon leaveBut thenthis dangerous subject of book the fame of books.Minta saidshe did not believe that anyone really enjoyed readingShakespeare. &

But he added, there is considerable merit in some of the plays.saw& Mrs. Ramsay wondered whether ?th seeing that Mintaliked being laughedat & was not frightened; that sherealised his extreme vanity, & would take care of him,so that she attended now to Paul Rayley who wished toanxiety about hisown books & hisown fame,to show that he had read books to what Paul Rayley wastrying to say: how he thought Trollope was better in his waythan Dickens. A very stupid remark. Mrs. Ramsayknew that, but then how much nicer stupidity is, shethought when than cleverness, for when Charles Tansleysaid that War & Peace knocked out all the Waverly novels &all Jane Austen, what he meant was Tolstoy would haveapproved as of me, but not of you (that is, not ofpeople who have servants & table napkins) - & that wasreally stupider, more stupid; he was thinking of himself,but Paul, like all stupid people, never thought am Ibeing clever, am I being admired, never thought abouthimself at all, but whether she was hot or cold,whether she felt the draught, whether she wanted apear.And though she She did not want a pear; shewanted him to go on, ?being wanted nothing; Hereyes rested on the dish of fruit She did not wantanybody to take any fruit. Her eyes rested on thedish & went in & out of the round apples & thethick bananas into the interstices & hollows, amongthe grapes & bananas, putting a yellow against apurple, & then a curved ag shape against a round shape,&
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