225of her own free will, oh yes; for he was wanting her to come out into thegarden with him, wanting her, but would not for an instant break inupon her solitude; if she would not claim anything; had been&a little irritable, about the Light going to the Lighthouse.knew that hecould notprotect her,XI

To save going upstairs she pulled the green shawl off theeasel, &, wrapping it round her, took his arm for a stroll.It was a question what she meant to do about the flowers nextyear - & whether to employ that go on employing Kennedy, theshe feared gettingwhose beauty was great, but whose industry wassmaller & smallergardenerAnd it was a question too about the dear ?Rowleys Rowleys,at Cardiff, whether they would be shocked if her ?rem stayed at anInn; for when he & not with them,to avoid the intolerableboredom of their evening partiesdomestic evenings; &were goodalso it was a question whether it wassafe to let Timothy have anair gun.It was a horrible instinct, butMr. Ramsay said, heMr. Ramsay ?said;he had rather not forbid a boy; he had rather he found out forbetter ways ofemploying himselfhimself. humaner ways for himself. Then was WasWilliam Bankes planted on them for ever?ThenPoor Carmichaelseemed tolerably cheerful, though it might be better not toenquire the causes of his cheerfulness.Opium, saidMrs. Ramsay, would have been her refuge had she marriedMrs. Carmichael; if not worse. Then there was poorTansley. The children had a nick name for him - "theatheist."It was fairly obvious that he was notpopular. but for what reason?She had him alittle on her conscience Mrs. Ramsay said.The atheist -the little atheist -He was not a polished specimen,said Mr. Ramsay:She supposed it was all right.for someunknownreason.
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