193Mrs. McLeod had come to get her blankets, Mrs. Ramsay divined, - She for herwhowhose mother was dying of cancer - but as for the messageabout Andrew & the others, that that could the answer to thatcould only be was only to be reached by waiting patiently forCam to repeat, like a sleep walker, "No they haven't, & I'vetold Ellen to clear away tea."

Minta Doyle Paul Rayley had not come back. And?Then/?Youwhat did that mean?It could only mean, Mrs. Ramsay thought,that something had happened - that she had made up hermind, that there was an end of all those hesitations which,go onindefinitelywhile they did her honour, could not be prolonged without[?Yet]a manforever.Either she must accept him, or she must refusewere quiteright, of coursefor nothing neededmore care,him.And this going off after luncheon for a walk,even though Andrew was with them, - what could it mean?& she was very veryfond of Minta,One did not Except that after she had decided, rightly,Mrs. Ramsay thought, to accept Paul Rayley who wasobviously entirely devoted to her, a good fellow, & oneyng fellowsof the nicest young men she knew - which was not sayingof course that he was brilliant, for that he was not, butit would be a very happy marriage, Mrs. Ramsay thought, &they would have very lovely babies, & he would do well enough,but that did not matter for he had prospects, && there would be lovely children, & in short Minta would beShe She tried to seen saw them going off after lunch,down the path to the gate, &tried to see Minta, withshe had nodoubtthe expression on Minta'sface, & to the thought of whichfor how could Minta, now, saythat she would not have him?Not if she let herself agreedto spend whole afternoonstrapesing about the country practically alone -hisfor Adre Andrew would be off after crabs -practically alone - Mrs. Ramsay thought, & saw them,
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