125& Her optimism, her irrationality enraged him.

The toe of his boot scraping on the rough step set herteeth on edge; & He stamped ?his on the step

But neither said a word. She thought him in someButrespects the mostAnd what had she said? Simply that itmight be fine to morrow. So it might.

But not with the barometer falling & the wind due west.If she wished for actual proof he would walk over to thelook at theircoast guard stationHe would fetch his instrumentToThe mind that could pursue truth with such astonishing lack ofconsideration for peoples feelings amazed her seemed to her sothathorrible, & she without replying she bent her head, as ifto though nothing would temp to let the pelt of jaggedhail storms the shower of dirty water bathe herbespatter her bent bowed shoulders.

He said he would step over & ask the coast guards ifshe liked.

And There was nobody whom she reverenced as she didreverenced him.Then

She would take his word for it, she said. Shewould not trouble to cut sandwiches or anything.There was nobody who so made her feel so safe. so.They came to her, naturally, since she was a woman, allday long with this that & the other; unhappy loveaffairs; one wanted this, another that; thechildren were growing up; she often felt she wasnothing but an old sponge sopp sopped up with ?humanThenemotion. And Rhoderick said This is the truth. He said?TheIt must rain.Or he saidHe made her feel -horrible anoutrage uponhumanupon decencythetearing upof allthe wits ofhumancivilisation,?willIt would not rain.Heaven opened before her.If it were a question of sitting down in the mud & pulling off hisboots she would do it instantly
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