105"Jasper" said Mr. Bankes, & they turned the way the starlings flew,over the terrace. So great Following the scatter of swift-flying birds in the sky, they stepped through the gap inthe high hedge straight into Mr. Ramsay who criedboomed tragically."Someone had blundered"His eyes rest meeting theirs for a moment, glazed with&emotion, heroi defiant tragic intensity, met theirs for asecond; & then half raising his hand which seemed to tremblehalfway to his face he seemed to brushed off in an agony ofpeevish shame - as if he had exposed in some private indignityto avertdaylighttheir normal gaze; t as if begging them to withhold for amoment long er their what he knew to be inevitable, toas if they had done wh making them feel the discomfortopened the door on him inhis shirt sitting on a bed, in hisshirtdishevelled; & received in return the childish spite ofstrives has determinedmoment of discoverynot to be routed utterly, toofhold fast to somethingof this of what this delicious& heresentedimpressing onthememotion, this impurerhapsody which was his ownprivate affair not anybody elses, he turned abruptly &they looking up into the sky, Lily Briscoe &of which he wasashamedMr. Bankes observed that the flock ofstarlings, which Jasper had routed with his gun, hadsettled on the on the tops of the elm trees.of having outraged decency,taken him at a disadvantageone thus interrupted,who striveseven in the
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