83Draft of "Robinson Crusoe"RobinsonCrusoeEvery stick & stone in the island has its own weight & shape. Nothingmoves out of the of its sphere for a single moment. The ci artistart by which Defoe explored the truth of the of the story - theplo pl shape everythingDefoe takes the most stringentevery fragment iscareful & art artful precautions to to & used the mostusedartful devices so that we shall fall completely into thebeliefinto complete & perfect trust beliefNow it isa state ofsometimes a little slip is derived to lend heightens thesense of realitySometimesSoaThey areman would add speak if her were really telling a story,held severelywithinvery remorselessthelightof truthOr we have extreme particularity heightens it, orthe whole effect being toThe result is thatwe not only believe every word he says, & come by anextraordina to find all our senses of what is truerenewedmiraculously freshened & sharpened,so that we arefor whomcustomhas madenodusty roadDick has "[dirty word?]"the custom like children again taking natural objectsin practical wayswith enjoying life literally, engaged in making boats,intentbaking, building, intently with all our faculties absorbedbut from this perfect seriousness something a beauty,& arises, & aarise that rouses in us a sense ofadventure&excitement, of romance. ofStevenson with all hisartwe are exaltedby it to [?]up [?]craft never wroteNone of Stevenson's romances hasthe same power; to stir no because though every device ofart has been employed,they lack this the power toconvince.Seriousness the conviction&of truthto which Defoeholds with the literal&ferocious simplicity. Thatvociferously that nothingthe in the very middle of the foreground stands aplain earthenware pot & to realise thateverything - God, man, nature, must give way.One thing being realised with perfect truth - &isall the others therefore fall into perfectperspective.Nor does there seem to be any reasonseen againsta ?craggywhy the perspective wh an earthenware pot entails isnot as satisfying,once it is perceived as thatman himself, gloomy & angered,surroundedwith a broken & tumultuouspanorama ofcloudsstars & alps & stars
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