"Would it bore you entirely & unutterably to come with me?"she said to Mr. Charles Tansley, when all her eight children withdrewlike stags to their fastnesses, & Mr. Charles Tansley, who was after alltheir guest, was left standing in investigating with the tip of hisfinger, very self-consciously, some marvellous construction of Williams -a boat thata steamer with a me that would was intended tocross the pond under its own power, left on the table. Herchildren were all gone; Lily Doyle & Mr. Holcroft too; Mr. Carmichael,her husband - As for herself, she had a very dull job in the town,they were all gone.if he liked to escort her. And she would write one note, & then put onher hat - an incongruous hat, it seemed rather, but there she was,ten minutes later, with her basket & her parasol, rather merryready, equipped, giving out a sense of readiness, & anticipation, &flat,unsupported,vaguelyfeatherybeingas they passedsetgoing on a jaunt, which she must however, interrupt a momentthe tennis lawnin order to see ifMr. Carmichael who was asleep basking with hishis strange cats eyes in an almost livid face ajar, so that, like incats, they seemed to reflect the brandi branches moving or theclouds passing, but to give no inkling of inner thoughts or emotionanywanted anything - stamps, writing paper, tobacco?whatsoeverthe

For they were making a great expedition, she said.The poor man had taken opium for years she told Mr. Tansley.The cats eyes having blinked, the hands clasped themselves overhis capacious paunch, for all the world as if he wouldlike to reply kindly to these blandishments, but could notmove, sunk as he was in a grey-green somnolence, in avast & benevolent lethargy which embraced them all in avast & benevolent lethargy; all the house; all the world; allthe people in it, he having lunched well & then slipped into hisglass a few drops of something which accounted, her childrenthought, for the vivid streak of canary yellow in moustaches &Without theseThat he was abeard that were otherwise milk white.should have beena great philosopher, Mr. Ramsay & only missed it because& this habit which was the result of it,of an unfortunate marriage, Mrs. Ramsay believed; & being
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