87Draft of "How Should One Read a Book?"But why is it so difficult?Because nobody can teach it.Now if you say Rome is the capital of France, yourto your geographyteacherteacher can say Nonsense:If you say Henry the EighthKing John had 8 wives; your teacher can say:NonsenseHenry the 8th had 8 wives.These are factsThese are facts.But if you say, Robinson Crusoe is a bad book, nobodycan say thatit is, or thatit is not.can prove that you right or prove that you are wrong.One has toNo one can teach you toYet books do I think contain every sort of good &Books cannot be taught.ReadingthereforeOne has to teach oneselfhow to read.And that is why it isso extremelydifficult & alsoso extremely dif interesting
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