2562951st SeptsuddenlyAnd he had made her realise the hatred which people have for each other.profound hatred which separates man from man.(But she would lost this,walking home along the Strand.)Then, by a suddenly the old cork or whatever it was began bobbing up &down among the waves: & this strident arid rauco ra red facedman on the platform became an angular boy who with all hisfaults put by out of a scholarship his earnings enough to educate alittle sister. Enormously to his credit, said Mrs. Ramsay, lookingfor her spectacle case among the pebbles.Oh dear, what anuisance, lost again! -Mr. Tansley A thousand thanksDon't bother, Mr. Tansley.I lose thousands every summer."And he let the exaggeration pass.One must suppose that,And heput his chinback against hiscollar &smiledon som walking backto the house again, ?or one on one ofthose expeditions whichtook a whole day to some far awayspot on the hills where a bonfire had to be lit to boil akettle, &he had confided in her - The extreme egotism of young men?amused her. She was singularly tolerant.Why, here wasLily helping herself toMrs. Ramsay's tolerance to rectify her ownwarped & prejudi narrowed vision.For he hadAfter all this time!For of course nobody was in the least like what - her?theHeridea ofCharles Tanly. He was a grotesque - a scarecrow.Could one embodyserved in her mind the purpose of a whippingboy.She found herself flagg flagellating his lean sides withsarcasm when she was out of temper.But in time hebecame unrecognisable for a man at all.He became amere forksharpedru root.Th a symbol - awhereas,Indeed, people tended so to shrivel in one's mind;unless one were always at pains to freshen them up,or tosee the other side withmade use of some third pair of eyes. to ?go to give them adepth.Even so - well, it was shameful, considering the extreme
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