246273looking again at the B bay, ofMercifully, things were [like this] sometimes:completely unreal: very exciting.Mercifully one was not always knocking oneshead violently against some solid old lady -One glided [?] ?on between,took the shook one's sails out (she loo w she was looking at thebay where there was a good deal of movements: little fishing boatsstarting: a steamer had was majestically circling the bay)shook ones sails, & took ones way out into that no-man'soutterritory; thethatthisemptiness that was after all land;empty it was not; but full to the brim. Here & now, it was full to thebrim; & one wanted time & loneliness to shake ones sails out in this& sayoh goodmorning -What a fineday!Are you goingto be sobold as to sitin the sun?Jasper'shidden thechairs!ThoseShe seemed to be standing up to the lips in the mostin sensation, in thought; inup to the stood i was swimmingmoving in thatastonishing intoxicatingshiningair,wretchedchildren!Still asleep!"Instead ofthatwhich it;to move & float; to sink; - yes, for these waters wereunfathomable; naturally, since time had spilled into them, & lives -allmany many lives - In them was all that beauty of hers. & aall those children of hers: her attitudes & thoughts; his too;all of the old washerwoman & her basket;waifs & strays of ro sounds & colourmiraculously caught up; & colour; & floridfiery red eyeshot pokers: the a grey green leaf: &the purple of a clematis:In this was no w the air & breath of life: itsan air that was finer than any other; a sharper passion; &where she stood, ?slaped & whether one& what was to stop one, on either side?& it was inexhaustible, this world they had left, themfired) with more&whether she went this way or that waythere met her lips & this stinging it stung her & encompassed her, &it seemed to her that she could pass from one end of the world toanother, down corridors of time, past, or && quickened her eyes into apeculia brightness & f stung her lips into a with a peculiar sharpnessAnd one could g pass thus over & round & here & there.And perhaps It was some inkling of this which ten years ago,thestanding almost on this very spot, had made her so treasure thesuddenly aware. Suddenly she had said she thought she must be inlove with the place.Love, they said,was the moved the stars & the
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