235251And he the house grew steadily darker, with things that could not be thrown away.Little shrines seemed to& there were shrines ?on in corners wheresacred objects accumulated, in ?& with their associations thick upon them,Then there were lectures;nights of early dinners, & longdreary drives in the heart of winter to tabernacles in thecity where his father, standing up very stiff & straight, proveduprightconclusively (but James could never keep his attention fixed)howthat Go there is no God; but & rows & rows of the ugliestsat in rowsedpeople in the world sat gaping up at him.James tried to imagine his motherin a chillgreenhallhe could only see her:there: she would have twitchedher cloak round her, feeling the cold.But she was dead by that time.The war was beginning. Andrew wasWhatwouldshe havedone about it?killed. Prue died. Still his father preached.Even when hisaudiences had did not half fill the hall, & were mostly elderlywomen, whose heads rose & fell, like hens sipping, as they listened, &wrote, & then listened & wrote, still he p lectured. He liked one of hissomechildren to go with him.They had to say something in the cab goingback about it, or he was angry.But they had none of them anythinggift for paying compliments. to say.They writhed in their agony.tillThen Rose said in a voice of anguish that it was a great success:that was stiff with discomfort.miseryA great success.But thatdid not satisfy him & the evening ended in an mortconflict of emotions - Often they argued the matter among themselvesquarrelled about it among themselves: Rose ought to havethought of something better to say. But why had they got to go to theseshe ought havegonelectures when they did not want to? And then Jasper orCam would muddle it all up by being extremely sorryfor him.stick to his point aboutHere James wouldinvariably get his back despotism.

So was James in a sense. But James felt always,If a person talksShe never talked about her feelings.about your feelings.You cannot feel, if you talk as he does.At the same time he felt,& the he felt it more & more as the audiences grew smaller,& the war went on, & there seemed no good in anything,a the a respect for his father doggedly sticking it out about God &morals.Nobody could possibly deny that he had an
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