212217Nancy saying "What does one send to the Lighthouse?"; the greenishlight on the engraving; the children laughing down the path; Mr.Ramsay sending Cam back for her cloak: his hand raised as hepassed her - all this seemed she thought not like the naturalprocess of living, but symbolical of life. So that had she been able togive her whole mind to it, she would haveseemed to start up likeall these things seemed to her symbols - & stillstill; to be full of meaning which All seem as if, A thousand wavesfollow each other, smooth - small, & then one lifts itself; high.above the rest.Such was the method adoptedAll thesemoments were high waves.And these moments; these sayings werelighthigh waves.flashes of torches lit in the lighting up the dark cave;in a dark cave.A thousand waves follow each other, small & smooth &itunregarded; then one lifts self, & whole is visible.Life is livedMonday Tuesday Wednesday, day after day; & breakfast & dinner; &getting up & going to bed; & saying this & that; & putting on &sayingall donetaking off mutely dumbly with the docility of a sheep & theblankness of a fish: so the time passes, she thought: & hertime had passed like that for her; in& then, why noone can sayor what is worse than this smooth slipping away, this drip &or again, higgledy piggledy, a flash what is perhapswhat is there except flash & jerk; this & that;from thator again it was different; & things happened only too quickly, inflashes & jerks, - in flashes & jerks - lights were ?pressed inyo one's eyes; & th things flashed & jerked; what wasor [?]Either way one was the slave of life,,& it was all jerk &dash & dazzle & confusion.Rather timid, rathereasily agitated, she could think of [?] whenthis happened & then that happened - for no rhyme or
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